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Naruto Zone has reached it's 500th visitor! Wohoo! It's a joy to see my little site go so far and I dream that one day it will reach the thousands or even millions! I would like to thank all of you who have supported this site since from the beggining.


Welcome please enjoy the information out Naruto, feel free to email me at also there are new features coming soon like naruto virtual manga and a character quiz.


*Due to the FCAT testing taking place next week the updating of the site will be delayed for 2 weeks. Thank you for your patence.

To see what the FCAT is visit,


New site is up! Couldn't get enough of the video of the month? Then you're in luck beacause the officail Naruto Zone Podcast sit is now up! You can now watch your favorite Naruto episodes  from your computer! Go now and get in the Zone! (pretty cheesy phrase huh?)

2/14/07   Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentines day! Just one update today, but this will last a long time. Today marks the start of video of the month. Every month I will post a new video and this month it's a pleasing naruto music video which I rate a 4.8. Very good. You can also pick it up here,

Actully theres 2 updates today, but this one doesn't nessarily about Naruto. Today marks the start of construction of The Bleach Zone, the sister site of Naruto Zone. The URL of it will be up tommorow, or so. More coming soon!


As I promised I have began to update the interactive page. Therefor instead of uploading the Naruto soundtrack I have instead added a ninja game. It's pretty addicting so try it out. Next week I'll upload a song and also add a very specail feature. Be prepared. Now until next week BYE!


Happy new year. Sorry that it's taken me so long to post but I've been really busy. I am working on a new forum for the site, should be out soon. But until then I have installed a chat system, right now it's a link but I'll embed it in the site tonight. New Email: please email me at that for now, Lastly I have created an Email run Member base, it is slow but you're gonna have to manage until I finish the computer run one. Please sign up for the many bonuses that this free membership has to offer. See you guys soon! I'll make the next update sometimes next week.  Naruto Chat Zone



 A new multimedia & extra page has been added check it out! See the new banners! Also as you might have read in Notices there is a file problem so the banners will turn out in not so great quality so Hi-Res pictures will be avalible for download as soon I can find server site to hold the backup system. The chatroom is up but it's pretty empty, so invite all your fiends to the site! Membership is up! And the forums are almost ready, and by next week your going to be listening to some of today's greatest hits. Thats all for now!
Coming Soon

 The interactive page is expecting many updates including games, music videos and much more so keep checking. I also think it's about time some of theese page go thru a little renovation. I'll work on the Scrolls and profile page ths week. *Next week, full Naruto soundtrack to listen to.


Thanx 4 visiting NarutoZone (Maybe I've been spending too much time on the forums...)