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Full Metal Alchemist
This is a story of two teenage brothers working in the goverment  trying to uncover a ultimate power of the Philosher's Stone to regain the bodys they lost when they tryed to ressurect thier dead mother. They have the ability to use alchemy, a ancient art consisting of transformations of objects. A very good book, filled with top-notch action. 

A story about a kid who has been a loser his whole life, but after entering the high school football team his life changes. He is the star player and feared by even the toughest players. Beacause of the risk of people trying to beat him up so he couldn't play the team ( Some football players are that dedicated) He goes by the name of Eyeshield21 when playing. Another great manga, the creator must be very talented for sports-styled manga to turn out this well.


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