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Naruto Zone

Taneshin chapter 1
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Panel 1


Master Riku: “Okay class today you will be taking a review test on The Art of Transformation, everyone line up, your assignment is to transform into a perfect duplicate of me, Taneshin, you’re first…”


Panel 2

Master Riku: “Taneshin…Taneshin are you sleeping!”  


Panel 3

Taneshin: “, no I was just, just… concentrating, sensei…”


Panel 4

Taneshin: “Anyways, what does it matter? I’ve already showed you my outstanding transformation skills, during practice, remember?”


Panel 5

Master Riku: “Outstanding?! Taneshin you’re the worst student in the entire academy!”

Taneshin: “Well when you put it that way…”


Panel 6

Master Riku: “You’ve failed the final exam 5 times; do you know that’s a record for the Hidden Cloud Village!”

Master Riku: “Now that’s enough disturbing the class, get up and perform the technique!”


Panel 7

Taneshin: “Fine, fine…”


Panel 8

Taneshin: “Ngh…”


Panel 8

Taneshin: "Behold!”


Panel 9


Panel 10

Master Riku: (Thinking to himself) "What the. Where’d he go?”


Panel 11

Taneshin: “Hee hee hee!”


Panel 12

Master Riku: “Hmm..should of known…that’s why you used the Dog hand sign… Shrinking no Jutsu!”


Panel 13

Troy: ““Shrinking Jutsu? I didn’t notice any difference…”


Panel 14

Class: Haa haa haa


Panel 15

Taneshin: “Hey was that a crack on me being short?!”

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