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Taneshin versoin 1
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If you thought Naruto was the only "special" one you were dead wrong...

Script for taneshine chapter1

(Ninja academy)

1st panel

Master Bang: Okay today we will be studying The art of transformation . Let me show you an example of the allusion transformation.

2nd panel

Master Bang: BEHOLD!

3rd panel


4th panel

(turns into kid version of himself)

5th panel

Kid: Master Bang is there a difference between "allusion transformations" and the normal kind?

6th panel

Master Bang: That depends on what you call normal. Most ninjas actually just use allusion to transform only a few can actually change their atomic structures all together. Now then. How about someone else sits hot-seat Taneshin care to give it a go?

7th panel

Taneshin: Yes! I’ve been working for weeks on this technique. ok...

8th panel


9th panel


10th panel

(turns into a girl)

11th panel

Taneshin; No autographs please!

12th panel

Zurui: Hey shrimp good job! But I bet I can top that!

13th panel

Taneshin: No way I worked for weeks so I could top you...AND I’M NOT A SHRIMP!!! 14th panel

Zurui: Watch and learn!

15th panel


16th panel

Taneshin: HAH! Look at your lover-boy now Hana? he messed up hahahah!

17th panel

Hana: I don’t think that’s it Tane!

18th panel


19th panel

(transforms into chimera)

20th panel

Taneshin: Once again outdone by Zurui *sigh* another day another always failing attempt to gain Hana’s attention...

21st panel

Master Bang: Amazing you’ve managed to completly reconstruct your atomic structure! You would have to unlink your atoms thin change thier DNA buildup then reconnect the molecules-

22nd panel

Taneshin: Anybody have the slightest idea what he’s talking about? (looks around)

23rd panel


24th panel


25th panel

Taneshin: Just me then...

26th panel

Master Bang: Sorry, got a little ahead of myself



(2 hours later)

27th panel


28th panel

(Turns into flower)

29th panel

Master Bang: Good jod, lets move on now.

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