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Naruto Realm Interview
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Find the answers to your questions about the coolest Naruto ORPG, Naruto Realm!

I would personally like to thank Naruto Realm for some of the most polite service I have ever had. The people at Naruto Realm continue to work day and night to create one of the first web-based Naruto RPG. It is a very great dream I hope they can one day achieve.

Naruto Zone: Are there going to be Anbu members, Hidden Mist tracking nins and
Hunter nins, and if there are, will they have alternate outfits?

Naruto Realm: Yes, we're in the process of incorporating a system where players must
gain a ticket from a guard before they leave their village in order
to not be considered missing. Hunter nins will then come into place as
these missing players will be open to attack from other players.
Anbu members at this time are still being discussed but are likely to be
either ingame moderators or new player support staff for the time

NZ: Will there be ranks and exams, such as the academy graduation exam and the chunin exam?

NR: There will be ranks, and exams.

NZ: Where there be jutsus, and will they have animation?

NR: Yes - all though not in the alpha build. When we reach beta hopefully
we'll have these working :)

NZ: In battles do you press keys such as the space bar or is it command
and action like Final Fantasy?

NR: Battle is real time with you pressing keys to initiate melee combat
using punches/kicks and/or weapons. The jutsu system will be similar
and players will be able to assing jutsu's to a toolbar ingame which a
key is assigned to once they have learned that jutsu. Learning jutsu's
will probably happen by players finding and using scrolls to learn them.

NZ: Do you think that Naruto Realm will ever reach 3-D stages?

NR: Perhaps but not anytime soon.

NZ: How much longer until version 1 of Naruto Realm is complete?

NR: The programming for the alpha stage is almost complete, just a few bugs
being ironed out. Then we need to incorporate our graphics into the client
and finish a few more off. We should be set to go after that.

NZ: Will you have to eat, sleep, or tend to hygienic needs?

NR: Not at this point. We are hopefully including a stamina system where
players will have to replenish stamina in order to continue running etc.

NZ: Will there be Ranks up to even Hokage?

NR: At the moment the ingame admins will be Hokage. In the future however we
may change this so villages can vote a new Hokage. Ranks at the moment
go up to but don't include Hokage.

NZ: Will there be in-game chatting, and 3-man squads?

NR: Yes there will be ingame chatting. You will be able to create squads
which vary in size depending on what you're doing in the game. You will
also be able
to create and join clans, assign your clan a logo, wage war with other
clans etc.

NZ: Will there be clothes you can buy?

NR: With our system players can equip any items of clothing and it will
display on there character. This allows for players to be truely unique
in appearance aslong
as we are able to keep up with the amount of people playing the game and
create new equipment constantly. There will be alot of varieties of
clothes and
other equipment - slots on your character including headgear, masks,
upper body, lower body, shoes, gloves and back gear at the moment.


Thanx 4 visiting NarutoZone (Maybe I've been spending too much time on the forums...)