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Naruto Technique List
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The complete list from A to Z of the techniques of Naruto.

Note: Sorry. List is not complete. I will try to update it as soon as possible.

- A -
Asshou (Pressure Palm)
First Performed by: Jiroubou
Type of Technique: TaiJutsu
Chapter: 190

A Taijutsu technique where the ninja drives their fist into their opponent while they are on the ground, crushing them and grinding them into the earth. With impressive strength, this technique could be quite devastating.
- B -
Baika no Jutsu (Multi-size Technique)
First Performed by: Akimichi Chouji
Type of Technique: NinJutsu
Chapter: 55

This NinJutsu is the most commonly used technique used by members of the Akimichi clan, because it uses their size to an advantage in battle. Although it does not do any damage on its own, Baika no Jutsu is the part of a type of combo, where it is followed by Meat Tank. Just by itself, Multisize does pretty much nothing more than its main function; to multiply the size of a part of the body, or , in some cases, the entire body. There are also a few classes of Baika, which include normal, super, and mega, the latter which has such a big effect , the shinobi will become a total giant.

Baika no Jutsu is a pretty simple technique to perform, and all Akimichi Gennins know how to perform it. After performing a hand seal and raising chakra in a specific part of the body, the shinobi will unleash his power. This will cause the gathered chakra to enlarge the specified part of the body; however, the spot where chakra is gathered is really important. For example, if the shinobi wants to enlarge an arm, chakra must be gathered in a point in the arm. Failure to do so, may have disastrous effects and a large amount of chakra will be wasted.

Chakra isn't the only energy this technique uses. Mutlisizing is a very tiring technique, and it uses chakra to create many many fat cells which provide the shinobi with both energy and strength, as well as body mass. Just to move with this amount of weight on the body is extremely tiring; imagine rolling at the enemy or continuously punching. It burns a lot of calories, perhaps too many. As a result, the shinobi will most likely be exhausted after using Baika no Jutsu.

First performed by Akimichi Chouji in chapter fifty-five. His father, Akimichi Choumaru, uses it in chapter one hundred and thirty-seven. This technique is exclusive to the Akimichi Clan.
Bakuretsu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Exploding Shadow Clone Technique)-
First Performed by: Uchiha Itachi
Type of Technique: NinJutsu
Chapter: 142

A Ninjutsu technique where the ninja creates a suicidal Kage Bunshin (shadow clone). After creating it, the ninja can cause the clone to remotely detonate and explode in combat, taking anyone immediately surrounding it out. When used in close combat, without the enemy noticing, this technique can be quite deadly.
 Bakuretsufuu (Exploding Seal)
First Performed by: Oboro
Type of Technique: FuuinJutsu
Chapter: 46

A Fuuinjutsu (sealing technique) where a seal is placed upon a piece of paper, creating an effect upon the paper that causes an explosion. These seals can be made in the field, but are more commonly bought by or given to ninjas as equipment, like kunai and shuriken.

These seals can be used in a variety of manners. They can be tied to kunai so that a miss can become a hit in combat. They can be attached directly to an opponent, almost completely ensuring death, unless the ninja is fast enough to disarm the seal. Or, these seals can be set up in an open area to trap the enemy, as in the case of the Shouhekifuu (Barrier Seal).

The exploding seals are first seen in chapter forty-six, used by Oboro. Any ninja can use these seals, but it’s possible that only higher ranking ninjas are experienced enough to create them.
Biransei no Jutsu (Poison Gas Technique)
First Performed by: Shizune
Type of Technique: NinJutsu
Chapter: 166

This Ninjutsu technique creates a cloud of poisonous gas that erupts from the ninja's mouth in a stream. The cloud clears a distance between the ninja and their enemy, as not to capture the ninja himself within it's area of effect. Any enemy caught within its area of effect will succumb to the poison's effects.

Bunshin no Jutsu (Clone Technique)
First Performed by: Uzumaki Naruto
Type of Technique: NinJutsu
Chapter: 1

This technique must be mastered by any ninja who has graduated from the Academy at the Hidden Leaf Village. It's the most basic technique a Genin must know, since it can be a real lifesaver. This ninjutsu creates a shadow clone of the caster, but it can only serve as a decoy. Unlike Kage Bunshin no Jutsu, Bunshin no Jutsu created clones can't attack, since they don't have physical mass.

As a result, if they are touched by the attacker they just disappear. Although this technique may seem useless, if used correctly it can create an almost flawless imitation of the ninja, while the real person hides in the environment waiting for a chance to strike.
Byakugan (White Eyes)
First Performed by: Hyuuga Neji
Type of Technique: Advanced Bloodline
Chapter: 41

An advanced bloodline technique belonging to Konoha's Hyuuga Clan. The Byakugan allows its bearer to do a wide variety of things with their vision. It gives them perfect vision for one hundred meters straight, allowing them to see through obstacles as well. Or, instead of one hundred meters straight, the bearer can be granted three hundred and sixty degree vision for fifty meters in any direction, barring an almost unnoticeable blind spot behind their first thoracic vertebrae.

In addition to simple ocular tricks, the Byakugan also gifts their clan with the ability to see chakra in its rawest form, making most Ninjutsu and Genjutsu ineffective against it's bearer. In addition to simply being able to see chakra, they allow sight to the hidden inner coil system of chakra veins and tenketsu (chakra holes) through which a person's chakra flows. With this sight, members of the Hyuuga Clan are able to utilize Jyuken, the Gentle Fist Style. With this style of Taijutsu, they can attack their opponent's internal organs, and they are able to effectively cut off the flow of chakra through the human body by closing any or all of the three hundred and sixty-one tenketsu, incapacitating or even killing their opponent.

The Byakugan is first seen in chapter forty-one, used by Hyuuga Neji. Hyuuga Hinata, Hyuuga Hizashi, Hyuuga Hiashi, and Hyuuga Hanabi can also use it. Only members of the Hyuuga Clan are privilege to this ability.


- C -
Chakra Enjintou (Chakra Scalpel)
First Performed by: Kabuto
Type of Technique: NinJutsu
Chapter: 164

A Ninjutsu technique used, primarily for field surgery. The ninja concentrates a powerful aura of chakra around their hand, creating a blade capable of tearing through muscles and arteries, or breaking bone, without actually breaking the skin of the person they're using it on. When used offensively, in combat, it is difficult to concentrate on the length and power of the scalpel, making it harder to successfully hit an enemy's arteries, ensuring a kill.

First performed by Kabuto in chapter one hundred and sixty-four. A medical ninja technique, Tsunade can also perform it.
Chidori / Raikiri (One Thousand Birds / Lightning Edge)
First Performed by: Hatake Kakashi
Type of Technique: NinJutsu
Chapter: 30

A Ninjutsu technique where the ninja using it grabs their wrist, and then collects enough chakra into their hand that it becomes visible to mere human eyes. With enough chakra collected into one focal point, that point becomes powerful enough to destroy an entire cliff side, and would easily decimate even a powerful opponent. The sound produced by focusing so much chakra sounds like a flock of birds, which is where it gets the name Chidori. Later, Gai explains to everyone that Kakashi used this attack to cut a bolt of lightning in half, which is where it gets the nickname Raikiri.

This is an assassination jutsu intended to be a swift and powerful finishing blow. The ninja's body must be tempered to attack at such speeds while focusing that much chakra into one point. Also, they must have a good eye to counter their opponent, as this technique is a head-on attack. That is why the only two known masters of this technique both have the Sharingan.

First performed by Hatake Kakashi in chapter thirty. He teaches the technique to Uchiha Sasuke, who first uses it in chapter one hundred and thirteen. Kakashi created this technique, and he and Sasuke are the only two ninjas who can use it.
Chiyute no Jutsu (Healing Hands Technique)
First Performed by: Tsunade
Type of Technique: NinJutsu
Chapter: 160

A Ninjutsu technique where the ninja focuses chakra into the palms of their hands, creating a small ball of healing chakra. This chakra, when concentrated, can repair physical damage to another person. Depending on the degree of the wound, the ninja must concentrate more of their chakra to repair the damage. However, if the wound is too extensive, such as extensive damage to vital organs, this technique may not be able to help them.

First performed by Tsunade in chapter one hundred and sixty. A medical ninja technique. Shizune is later seen using it.

Choukaihou (Butterfly Release)
First Performed by: Akimichi Chouji
Type of Technique: NinJutsu
Chapter: 190

A Ninjutsu technique that only those of the Akimichi Clan can use. After taking the red Hourengan and increasing the ninja's power a hundredfold, the ninja converts all of their calories into pure chakra, which is visible around them in the form of beautiful butterfly wings. As they convert the last of their calories into chakra, the ninja loses an abundance of weight, becoming very slim.

They concentrate the enormous amount of chakra into the palm of their hand, which is quickly engulfed in swirling, patterned flames. Like the Chidori (One Thousand Birds), the ninja drives their fist into their enemy, crushing them with their increased strength and the weight of every last ounce of their chakra. Deadly to both the ninja and their opponent, this technique is most surely suicidal.

Chuusuusei Biribiri (Central Nervous System Electrical Shock)
First Performed by: Tsunade
Type of Technique: NinJutsu
Chapter: 164

A Ninjutsu technique where the ninja turns their chakra into an electrical pulse which is transmitted into an enemy's body by striking the base of their neck. The electrical impulse travels up their brain stem and disrupts the flow of electricity in the nervous system. The brain cannot work like this, thus all communication between the brain and body are confused, causing a person to move their arm when they should be moving their leg, and generally debilitating them. Only an unusually skilled ninja would be able to overcome such a handicap

- D -
Dappi no Hada (Skin Molting)
First Performed by: Manda
Type of Technique: NinJutsu
Chapter: 170

A Ninjutsu technique unique to Manda, king of the snake summoning. Manda leaves in his place a skin molting which looks exactly like him. After this, possibly with Kawarimi no Jutsu (Body Switch Technique), he can get clear of his skin before an attack without his enemy knowing, giving him the element of surprise.
Doton: Doroku Gaeshi (Earth Type: Upside-down Mud Wall)
First Performed by: Jiroubou
Type of Technique: NinJutsu
Chapter: 189

A Doton (earth type) Ninjutsu technique where the ninja digs into the ground beneath them and tears up a solid wall of dirt and rock. The shield of earth is held together by the ninja's chakra and is meant to take the driving force of a physical attack, or to block projectile weapons.
Doton: Doryo Dango (Earth Type: Mud Dumpling)
First Performed by: Jiroubou
Type of Technique: NinJutsu
Chapter: 188

A Doton (earth type) Ninjutsu technique requiring impressive Taijutsu. The ninja digs into the ground beneath then and tears out a large chunk of dirt and rock, holding it together with their chakra. Depending on their strength, they can hold any size ball of earth, and then throw it upon their enemy, crushing them.

Doton: Doryuuheki (Earth Type: Mudslide Barrier)
First Performed by: Sandaime
Type of Technique: NinJutsu
Chapter: 120

A Doton (earth type) Ninjutsu technique where the ninja "vomits" a wave of mud, which shoots out of their mouth and assumes the form of a solid wall in front of them, sturdy enough to dam a river of water, or stop the Suiryuudan no Jutsu (Water Dragon Missile Technique).
Doton: Kekkai Doroutoumu (Earth Type: Destruction Mud Prison)
First Performed by: Jiroubou
Type of Technique: NinJutsu
Chapter: 186

A Doton (earth type) Ninjutsu technique where the ninja plants their hands on the ground and creates a dome of pure dirt and rock around their enemy. The dome has a layer of chakra inside of it that keeps it together, so that any damage done to it or the ground, even, is instantly repaired, within certain limits, of course. The area farthest away from the ninja using this technique, however, is still quite weak as it has the least concentration of chakra to absorb the blows and repair the damage done by the enemy.

While in control of this clay prison, the ninja using this technique also draws out the chakra of their enemy or enemies, taking it for themselves, unlike the Sabaki no Genki (Energy Drain). In this manner, the ninja can keep this clay prison up almost indefinitely, making it a very incredible Ninjutsu.
Doton: Shinjuu Zanshu no Jutsu (Earth Type: Inner Decapitation Technique)
First Performed by: Hatake Kakashi
Type of Technique: NinJutsu
Chapter: 7

This ninjutsu isn't a widely used technique, since it is only used when surprising the enemy. After performing a series of hand seals and raising his chakra, the ninja is buried underground using his chakra. He can then move freely inside the ground, as if he was outside, due to the chakra which "makes way" for him/her.

After the ninja feels he is below his opponent, he just raises his hand and grabs his opponent's feet, then buries him underground, leaving his head on the surface. This leaves a normal Shinobi open for a powerful attack, but a powerful one can use Chakra and raise himself up to the ground, preventing the attack. An experienced shinobi can also predict the attack, by sensing the opponent's chakra, so this move is really effective on younger ninjas, such as Genins or Chuunins.
Doton: Tsuiga no Jutsu (Earth Type: Earth Tracking Fang Technique)
First Performed by: Hatake Kakashi
Type of Technique: NinJutsu
Chapter: 29

A Doton (earth type) Ninjutsu technique designed to incorporate the Kuchiyose no Jutsu (Summoning Technique) into a fast-paced tracking technique aiming to find, surprise, and incapacitate the enemy. The summoning ninja must have signed a contract with summoning dogs to perform this attack. They must then perform the Kuchiyose no Jutsu and summon said dogs, who will then burrow underground and track down their target, digging their teeth into them and weighing them down. This leaves the victim wide open to attack.
Douteki Saitentei (Dynamic Air Marking)
First Performed by: Akamaru
Type of Technique: NinJutsu
Chapter: 172

A Ninjutsu technique that may only be effective to the Inuzuka Clan. The ninja's dog will spin through the air, urinating on various targets, which the ninja and their dog can then track by scent with their superior olfactory senses. In addition, the dog's urine burns anyone who comes into contact with it, making this not only a tracking technique, but also an offensive maneuver. This technique is exclusive to the Inuzuka Clan.

- F -
Futagogakure no Jutsu (Hidden Twin Technique)
First Performed by: Sakon and Ukon
Type of Technique: NinJutsu
Chapter: 202

A highly unusual, possibly unique, Ninjutsu technique where twins share one body. Unlike conjoint twins, these twins can separate or appear to be just one being whenever they want, due to their ability to control their own bodies on a molecular level. The true power of this technique is that the twin within the base twin's body can separate any part of their body from any part of their twin's body, creating the illusion that the twin has attacked.

Also, the subordinate twin can emerge and take the blunt of an enemy's attack, then recede into their twin's body, allowing the other to take over combat as if nothing had happened to them. An unfair advantage when their enemy assumes that they are in one-on-one combat.
Fuuinka Koui (Highest Rank Fire Sealing)
First Performed by: Jiraiya
Type of Technique: FuuinJutsu
Chapter: 148

A Fuuinjutsu (sealing technique) that allows the ninja to seal fire into a scroll. The seals are written across a length of scroll with a circular seal of arrows in the middle, to which the fire is drawn and directed, finally sealed. The scroll is then rolled up and tied until it is needed again later.
Fuuja Houin (Evil Sealing Method)
First Performed by: Hatake Kakashi
Type of Technique: FuuinJutsu
Chapter: 69

A Fuuinjutsu (sealing technique) designed to keep Juin (cursed seals) controlled. Two circles are carved into the ground with kunai with the cursed victim sitting at its center. Ten kunai are then placed, assumedly with purposed, headfirst into the ground within the circles. Four lines of seal runes are then written, in the sealer's blood, across the ground like spokes with the victim at their focal point, the runes running across their body.

The ninja performing the Fuuja Houin then performs the appropriate seals and places their hand upon the Juin, drawing in the seal runes across the ground and the victims body, creating a circular barrier around the curse seal to restrict its usage and involuntary activation. However, the willpower of the cursed victim still plays as a factor in how well this seal holds up.

 Fuuton: Renkuudan (Wind Type: Steroid Blanks)
First Performed by: Shukaku
Type of Technique: NinJutsu
Chapter: 135

A Fuuton (wind type) Ninjutsu technique unique to the Shukaku. He collects chakra in his fist, summoning wind in a "blank round" and then pounds it into his stomach, directing the chakra through his stomach and out his mouth as powerful blasts of swirling wind embedded with incredible amounts of chakra that can clear whole stretches of forestry.

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