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The weapons used in Naruto.

Dosu's Arms
Used by: Dosu (obviously)
This is a special weapon on Dosu's right arm. This has the special ability to replicate sounds and multiply their power to great amounts, so much to cause the brain to put illusions in the victims eyes. The sounds are always directed to the opponents ears, by use of his chakra.

Double-Bladed Kunai
Used by: All ninjas
This weapon is the same as a kunai, but at the end of the handle where the ring is supposed to be, there is another blade. Because these weapons are hard to throw precisely, they are most often used in hand-to-hand combat.

Exploding Notes
Used by: All ninjas
An exploding note is a piece of paper that has a spell casted on it that causes it to explode after a certain amount of time. They are used by most ninjas, but in a unique way. They are attached to things that are sent closer to the target, be it an animal, or a kunai.

Fuuma Shuriken
Used by: Sasuke
These weapons are very large, and contain four curved blades, as opposed to regular shuriken, which contains five straight points. These weapons are very deadly, and made with a high aerodynamicy. They are very thin and have large, curved, flat blades that rotate on an axis so that they can be used as just one blade, or they can be spread out into a + shape and thrown.

Handle-less Kunai
Used by: All ninjas
Almost the same as above, this is a small, daggar-like weapon that is without a handle, making it only used for throwing. Still posesses a ring at the end so as to be picked up and thrown with one finger.

Kubikiri Houcho (Zabusa's Sword)
Used by: Zabusa
A very large sword used by Zabusa. This weapon is very strong and heavy. If this weapon connects with someone, it will cause major damage. Because of this weapons weight, it is not always smart to use, especially against someone that is fast, such as Kakashi.

Used by: All ninjas
Kunai- This weapon is most often used as a projectile, much like the Shuriken. This weapon looks like a small dagger with a round handle, usually wrapped in cloth for grip, and has a ring at the end so that it can be picked up and thrown by just using one finger. This weapon can also be used as a knife in hand-to-hand combat.

Used by: All ninjas
These are small throwing spikes that are thrown on the ground to make the enemy step on. Makabishi are most often used in booby-traps. These can either cause a good amount of damage, or none at all. They can be used as a small, unreliable protection barrier to keep certain things away from you, or they can be used as a distraction.

Shuriken (Throwing/Ninja Stars)
Used by: All ninjas
Shuriken- Very small, light throwing stars that contain five points, most often used in conjunction to kunais. These are not normally used to cause heavy damage to the opponent, as the size and weight is not usually enough to kill. They are placed in a small container on the user's hip, just like the kunai, for easy and quick access.

Soldier Pill
Used by: Kiba and various other ninjas
A very special pill used most often by Kiba that allows him to fight for 3 days and 3 nights without rest. This pill contains a special stimulant that gives the user both strength and energy.

Spiked Chain and Gaunlets
Used by: The Demon Brothers
A very unique weapon, only seen used by the Demon Brothers. Each of them has a gauntlet on their arm that contains a chain that links them together. They bind their opponent in the chain that contains spikes, and with they're strength or momentum pull each side, splitting their opponent into pieces.

Throwing Needles
Used by: Haku and various other ninjas
These are the very small, sharp needles used by Haku. These weapons are most often thrown at the target, usually with precision. If thrown correctly, these needles can cause instant-death, or can be used to hit a certain nerve to make the target look to be dead.

Used by: Ninjas of Hidden Rain
These are special umbrellas made by the ninjas of the Hidden Rain village to be used as weapons. Each of these contains a large amount of needles (*See weapon above). They are used in conjunction with a special Hidden Rain technique. To use these, the ninja throws the ubrella in the air, and performs the "Jouro Senbon" technique, which causes the ubrellas to open and shoot a barrage of needles at the enemy.

Zaku's Arms
Used by: Zaku
These are devices implanted into both of Zaku's arms that allow him to manipulate sound waves and air pressure. The cannons run from his elbow joint down through to his palms, which have an outlet to release the waves and pressure. These produce very powerful blasts that can break through almost anything.

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