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Most commonly used equipment.

Konoha Ninja Apparel

Konoha Uniform
This is the uniform worn by the Chuunin and Jounin of Konoha. It consists of navy blue or dark green pants and long sleeve shirt with a green vest covering the upper body. This uniform has the pouches and holsters listed below, along with others to the nins liking.

Bomb/Kunai Holster
This holster is normally found on the nins belt to be reached easily, and holds the nins bombs and/or kunai, as well as other various nin tools.

Forehead Protector
This is given to all nins of each hidden village upon graduation of nin training school and becoming a Genin. The nin of Konoha have a symbol of a leaf on it. There are a variety of ways the forehead protector can be worn, on the forehead, on the side of one's head, etc. There are also different kinds of forehead protectors than the traditional one.

Metal Plated Gloves
These gloves are the most common gloves worn by Konoha Chuunin and Jounin. They match the forehead protector, as they are made of navy blue or black fabric and have a metal plate with the Konoha leaf symbol on them.

Scroll Pouch
These pouches are on the left and right side of the Chuunin and Jounin Konoha uniform. It holds the special jutsu scrolls of the village and/or maps needed for a mission.

Shuriken (throwing star) Holster
The shuriken holster is attached to the place on the uniform that can be quickly reached with a stretched hand. This holster is on the same side of the uniform as the nins throwing hand for obvious reasons. It can hold quite a few shuriken.

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